Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Big Push

The aconites are at last ready for the big push, shoulder to the soil, just beginning to emerge, as the temperature has risen and we have enjoyed two sunny days. The cold weather of December and January, so far, seems to have held everything back so this is a welcome sight. The next two weeks will see them in full array, little golden lights carpetting the cottage garden, creating a carpet of colour under the lime trees, and edging the winter walk.

We have been spending the weekend washing all the paths through the cottage garden, around the French terrace and old fish pond. Not the nicest of jobs but at least they all now look clean and smart.

Even the white stemmed birches Betula utilis var jaquemontii 'Grayswood Ghost' received their yearly power wash; they glisten even more now and look wonderful in the low light of winter with the creamy white pampass plumes right behind them.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Apple Crusher Party time

An apple juicer is a great Christmas present when you are just about to have a party for our neighbours and all those who help out at our open days...we felt like Hugh FW! Some apples could still be picked, others had been stored so there we were juicing them and mixing them with Winter Pimms. The result was a heady fragrant mix just right to warm the heart before a lovely walk round the winter garden. Credit cruncher party, home brew, just a wonderful talking point. Bring on our September Garden Open Day!

Broadway taxis

Broadway has come to Stevington! My son Jonathan cleverly imported these miniature taxis to drive on our Broadway Boogie Woogie terrace inspired by Mondrian's famous painting with its red, blue and yellow dots of colour which remind me of the New York grid pattern with yellow taxis buzzing around. Here at Stevington the lights of NY are reflected in the LED strips.High tech gardening!
(See Jazz Broadway Boogie Woogie on a previous post for the actual painting).