Monday, 4 April 2011

Asparagus for Mother's Day

We have waited for three seasons and now we have our first crop of asparagus. I am surprised how early it has grown after such a horrid winter. But a few intrepid shoots have grown in the last few days and with a quick flick of the knife we cut three spears and enjoyed one each for our mothering sunday feast! I couldnot help tasting the end of one I trimmed before was as sweet as sweet can be. You never notice that if you buy them. Home grown is deffinitely good news as from ground to plate can be within minutes with all the sugars still captured in the succulent spears.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Spring Clean and The end of an Era

All change! Our French garden which was planted 17 years ago was once a joy but box blight has ravaged the central parterres. So at dawn on Tuesday the dreaded moment arrived and out came the box; so too the hornbeam towers. Fastigiate yew will replace them without the need for trimming twice a year, while lavender will replace the central box on either side of the path. It is a warm, sheltered spot and the lavender will be good for the bees, good for my cakes and will still provide a little French influence.
Elsewhere in the garden ceanothus, buddleja globosa, cistus and solanum glasnevin have all fallen pray to the winter weather. Its a great shame because we are very fond of them all. I just can't imagine May without the glorious blue of Ceanothus so hopefully my replacements will do well.