Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Raspberry Ripple

The crew from Gardener's World arrived in July to film our edible flower garden, along with Sarah Raven to present the piece. We had great fun talking about marigolds and dahlias, and all sorts of other edible petals then went inside to create a flowery ice bowl. We filled it with ice cream, mixed with some freshly gathered raspberries and then scattered petunia petals on top, picked from the hanging basket just outside the kitchen door...and the name of the petunia was 'raspberry ripple'. Sadly that bit was never shown on TV but the concept was so neat. We then had to walk to a garden table, about four times to be filmed this way and that, and by then the ice cream had begun to melt and so had the edge of the ice bowl. Must have been one of those few warm summer days...long gone now! Just a happy memory! This ice bowl is one from my book called Edible Flowers and it has rose sorbet inside...delicious!


Manggy said...

I am loving the ice bowl, Kathy-- unfortunately I don't think it will last all of ten minutes here! Also, your beautiful flowers make all the difference :)

Carla said...

What a lovely idea. This is such a pretty way to serve sorbet. I will give this a try soon.

Chanell D Gautreaux said...

This is beautiful! Have you thought of creating a tutorial on how to select the flowers and make the ice bowl?