Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Millie has been fox hunting

Would you believe it...we picked Millie up on Sunday evening...after her huge op and the vet said don't let her off the lead, don't let her run or jump up, etc etc. I thought there is no chance of her running anywhere. How wrong I was! Well, three days later and there is no holding her back. We have a new little dog. It was cold and frosty all day today so scents were good and there is a large fox which visits this garden. Actually he lives in the thicket of Christmas trees right next to our field! Well, Millie got wind of the scent, chased down through the French garden, high jumped a box hedge, went under the hornbeam hedge the other side, through the beech hedge on our boundary and took off! Hope she's none the worse for it! She came back hungry and still frisky. What joy to have her enjoying life again.


Browners said...

Horray for Millie.

So delighted she is feeling better. Can't wait to see her on Friday.

emmat said...

hello Kathy! I have found you. Come over to my page and meet some of the other keen gardening people! And check out Blotanical, which you might want to join