Monday, 27 April 2009

A moveable House for Eeyore

I want to encourage children and mums and dads and grandparents, so that they can all have fun on an outing together in the garden. Simon and I are big fans of all Winnie the Pooh stories, so we thought we would make a Winnie the Pooh trail. We kept a lots of cuttings from the willows and cornus in late winter, ready to make Eeyore's new house.

Yesterday, Simon masterminded seven fence old posts to make the A frame and then I had the easy task of tacking on green and yellow stems. It doesnot look that dense a covering in the photos but then I didnot want it to be dark inside, just enough of a structure to make children want to explore.

Winnie came to see Eeyore in the evening and I think they were both very happy. They hatched a plan to invite all the 'other friends' to visit on Sunday and have a lovely picnic and games together.

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