Sunday, 1 March 2009

Ornamental grasses get the Snip

Sunday's job has been to clear the large area around the Hepworth garden. We have cut several pampas, geraniums, solidago; we have pruned various buddlejas, eleagnus Quicksilver, and cornus; then we tackled the main 'Green Caves' area itself (shaped on Barbara Hepworth's geometric painting of the same name); over twenty sedums, over thirty small grasses, as well as a dozen calamagrostis of two sorts, and ten miscanthus were cut and cleared; then we raked and hoovered; it now looks so much bigger. The good news is that the wonderful Hepworth shapes sing out again, set against the backdrop of the green slate.

Slowly over the next seven months, the plants will grow and flower, masses of bees and hopefully butterflies will visit, and once again the garden will reach its full glory. We enjoyed coffee, lunch and tea on the bench! It was fantastic to feel the sun's warmth again!

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