Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Giant clocks

The other unusual design element involves a courtyard garden for a Care Home where new paving has been laid and raised beds have been built ready for planting next everyone's shock I have had the walls painted a Suffolk pink.....where it once was dominated by cracked concrete and dirty pebble dash, it now looks so inviting.

When the Olive tree goes in surrounded by lots of fragrant and old fashioned plants I think it will be a real haven for the elderly residents. I can't wait to see the roses and thymes and lavenders in flower, the echinaeas in bloom with lots of butterflies fluttering around, and seedheads for birds in the autumn.

There is a flying corridor across the centre of the courtyard where I would like to introduce a large awning to provide welcome shade and a friendly almost holiday feel. And right above on both sides of this flying coridor I want to fix a clock; well a giant clock to be exact. Outdoor clocks can be 90cm across which is all good news if your eyesight is fading!

It should be all done by the time the weather warms up and sitting and snoozing outside can be a way of life again.

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