Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Horse shoes

I thought I'd share two garden designs I am working on at the moment. They both have two unusual elements which have little to do with 'normal gardening'!

The first involves a wonderfully large oval arbour to be draped in claret grapes and made of green oak. The trees will be felled in a wood near Ampthill next week.

The floor of the oval arbour is to be created using reclaimed Brazilian slate; with a pattern of Brazilian slate setts running through the outer paving.

Now my client adores riding and has horses of her own, so we thought it would be fun to use the shapes of horseshoes in a special central design. Horseshoes are made up pricipally of two ovals so the patterns should work out beautifully. I have drawn up several options and we will decide on Friday. The whole project promises to be very exciting.

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