Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Valentine Baskets

Its been quite a day so far. At 7.15am I was climbing up a very long and lonely icy hill, praying that no one was coming in the opposite direction; only to reach a main road and then be caught in three miles of traffic.

Off to the wholesale florist to buy Valentine items to decorate my baskets for sale on Sunday's open day only to find myself in a five mile queue on my return, and then nearing home every time I tried to head for Stevington I hit a Police Road Closed sign....four different locations to be exact. Floods or sheets of ice were the reasons. Arrived home safely at last and had the best cup of coffee ever. Broke up lots of ice on the drive, cleared some snow in the Winter Walk and then thought I'd decorate my lovely baskets.

Hope you enjoy them. Notice the primroses have all hearts too! Even my hedgehogs are joining the fun!

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