Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Positive Voids in the Garden

Forms, colours, heights, densities are all part of a garden make-up but how often do we ever study the voids? I often think the spaces around a plant, or leaf or seedhead are as important as the plant material itself. The void may be black and intensify the form of the plant. Or the void may be light and allow the eye to travel beyond the plant and through towards the middle of the bed, adding depth, mystery and a sensuousness. The void may be disected by small parts which act like a veil, creating detailed patterns which allow light to penetrate. This can create restlessness, fragmentation, looking for detail, minutiae of plant material. The use of ornamental grasses and seedheads often accentuate these responses, so too bare branches and twigs and catkins. The dessicated Chinese Lanterns are a simple example. Exquisite in form, mysterious with a barely hidden secret in the centre (see photo on Feb 19th).

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