Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A Posy for Valentine's Day

I thought I would cheer myself up and think of fantastically fragrant flowers which can be picked and made into a posie for a friend and maybe placed in a little vase on a bedside table.

Or they could be lightly brushed with egg white and sugar and then used to make a sumptuously soft sweet roulade...rolled up with violet liqueur cream, some violet jelly maybe, and topped with lightly coated sugared violets...the real deal, no air miles, straight from the garden.

Actually I made a violet roulade ten days ago for Annie who came to visit, yes before the snow arrived. We devoured part of it and the remainder has been squirrelled away in the freezer.

Very soon, it will be time for a mass flowering of violets, blue and white...hoorah! Primroses as well; they're delicious too and gorgeous as a little bunch in a little milk jug....I can just smell them. Roll on spring!

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